Bestival Show Opening

Design & Animation & Look Development


Songyi Park : Story board / Design / Animation (Opening title) / Look Development
Yunho Park : Produce / Design / Animation (Opening title, Show pacagking, Mock-up)
Helena Cyc : Sound editing, Animation (Opening title, Show packaging)

Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2019 Top Talent - Motion Graphic & Animation

Bestival is a four-day awards winning music festival held annually in late summer since 2004.
This is one of the largest, unsponsored boutique style events in the UK.

​Our team approach utilized a lot of colorful elements and patterns from the logo, and the posters and recreated them into our design.  
Each letter of BESTIVAL is placed in each frame as a part of design elements, introducing four singers.
Some customized glitch effects and 3D elements are used for the transition.




Story Board


Style Frames


Final Design